Leviathan Mist's Detailed Beginner's Guide


This guide was created to allow new players to the game to have a detailed guide to aid them when leveling from levels 1 through to level 30. The "IC Wep/Spell" column suggests what IC you may be able to equip at that level, given raising enough STR/NTL. A select few races may not be able to equip that IC right at that level. When you see the "Stat to Raise" column, the first stat is for fighters, the second stat is for casters.

The Steps that Leviathan Mist suggests for levels 1 through 30

LevelIC Wep/SpellCreature to FightStat to Raise
30Giant RatSTR/NTL
41Wild DogDEX/WIS
51Giant ScorpionSTR/NTL
61Giant ScorpionSTR/NTL
71Giant ScorpionSTR/NTL
81Giant ScorpionSTR/NTL
123Huge OwlDEX/WIS
133Huge OwlDEX/WIS
143Huge OwlDEX/WIS

At this time, you are able to head out into the Wilderness (at 0,0 in your zone). Find the shrine in the wilderness (10,8) and move one square in either direction from it. This will help you powerlevel your way through the lower levels. If you want to bank your gold, the easiest zone to access would be New Haven, the Angel newbie zone (11,4).

LevelIC Wep/SpellCreature to FightStat to Raise
153Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
163Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
173Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
183Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
193Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
203Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
213Adept SorcererDEX/WIS
223Adept SorcererSTR/NTL
233Adept SorcererSTR/NTL
244Goblin BerserkerSTR/NTL
254Goblin BerserkerSTR/NTL
264Goblin BerserkerSTR/NTL
275Goblin BerserkerDEX/WIS
285Goblin BerserkerDEX/WIS
295Goblin BerserkerDEX/WIS
305Goblin BerserkerDEX/WIS

Where to go from here

From here on, just keep your Str/Ntl and Dex/Wis near or equal to each other until they both are over 3200. After that, raise your Vitality to 2400. (These are the stat requirements for your ic16 equipment) Then, raise nothing but Dex/Wis from then on.

Upgrade your weapon regularly until you reach ic9, then don't upgrade anymore until you can afford and equip ic12. After that, your next upgrade is ic16. Don't buy any armor until you can afford and equip ic16, and only after you already have an ic16 weapon.

You may wish to move to Enchanted Forest (17,16 Wilderness) around level 50, it's a non PK zone that drops up to grade 2 gems. (The wilderness only drops grade 1 gems.)