Long-Term Projects

Working on Masmune Myst's Neflaria Guide 2.0. Pages still needing updates:

  • Gem effects on the "Equipment and Gems" page
  • Zones Pages
  • Equipment Pages
  • Reincarnation/Stats Page

I will be adding a few things to the Guide over the course of the next few updates. They include:

  • Baby Angel's Creatures and Zones Informational Tool
  • Fliteska's Reincarnation Tool -- will be added once the sidebar is redesigned
  • Redesign to the sidebar navigation
I am working with Fliteska and Baby Angel to test the tools a bit before I add them.

I have a poll running right now about the sidebar navigation. After a few complaints, I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Please post your comments on the forums.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, send them to me in PM in-game, or on the forums.

Recent Updates

July 28, 2009

Fixed two typoes in the Onyx gem effect percentages

June 3, 2009

Added more information on Bounties
Added a FAQ section for Bounties

June 1, 2009

Searches done on the site are now indexed to the new website, as opposed to the old one.
Added a new question to the FAQ, RE: Item for Item trades.
Added more wording to the gems section

View other past updates here.

Special Thanks

At this time, I'd like to thank all the people that were able to make this happen. I'd like to thank Masmune Myst (myself) for all of the HTML work (from the Shimlar Playing Guide), most of the typing work, and the Sales Guide, which I hope improves sales ethics. I'd like to thank former Shimlar player Atlanta Celestial for her RP guide, helping critique the Shimlar Playing Guide, help watch gem pricings, commenting on some gem pricings, giving me numerous slaps to make sure I stay on topic, and for pushing me to get the old guide done. I'd like to thank Abrakazz Razamatazz for his Mastery Training Guide. I want to thank former Shimlar player Vindaeria Claybourn for her RP Etiquette guide, which we hope will improve our RP chatroom.I want to also thank Leviathan Mist in aiding me correct the differences between Neflaria and the late Shimlar, as well as for his Detailed Beginner's Guide. I want to thank Mech Dragon for his original adaptation of "Murphy's Law". I'd like to thank GodofWar for most of the creatures and zones info that I found in the Shimlar Utilities Program. I also would like to thank Data33 and Silwar for creating Neflaria so then we, as players, can enjoy the old addictions we used to have. Thanks to Toshax for being the creator of our addictions with Shimlar and to Lord ArPharazon for fuelling them further when he was in charge.

I'd like to thank former Shimlar players Goon, Data33, Neophyte, Deadpool, Twin Blade, DarkLimpan, Deandria, Crysania, Eryx, A Fluffy Teddy Bear, Setekh, Rincewind, Gillyboat Buff, Lord ArPharazon and Ath for their contributions to the Guide over the years.

I'd like to thank Notepad for being so errorfree and easy to use. I'd like to give a boot to the head to Microsoft Frontpage for some errors and extra unnecessary tags I passed about while I made the equipment and zones pages. I'd like to thank Freewebs for being the host for my websites and not giving me too many headaches like Geocities did. (The Super-Multi Uploader Tool has been AWESOME!!!)

I'd like to thank everyone who had commented on the site to help me improve its appeal and accuracy. Last, but definitely not the least, the games of Neflaria and the late Shimlar, Classic and Turn-Based, for if it did not exist, then we as players would not exist, thus this guide would not exist.

If you have any questions, you may e-mail me! Hope to see you in the realm of Neflaria!