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Age of the Riotous Dead

Round X of the Third Era of Neflaria

Neflaria is a free-to-play browser RPG. Work together in the name of Good or seek to destroy others in the name of Evil.

Latest News

Round 10! Reset!

02/25/15 10:06 AM - Silwar Naiilo

Neflaria has reset and entered round 10. Please recreate your characters.

Leftover purchased credits from last round will be applied in the next couple of weeks.

Northern Workshop Closed

01/03/15 5:48 PM - Mage

Congrats to Alcie Elera for winning the hunt!

The Northern Workshop has closed. If you were in the zone when it closed, you will now find yourself in Moonlight Coffee Co. Also, the special mobs have gone back to their usual names. The next time you log in or press 'look' they'll be back to normal.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Northern Workshop Closing

01/01/15 2:47 PM - Mage

The Northern Workshop will be closing this Saturday, January 3rd, between 17:00 and 19:00 Server time. The hunt will start first, and after the beast has been slain, the zone will be closed. Thanks for all who participated.

Recent Official Announcements

Top 5 players by gold:

  1. A Speeding Car, a level 6808 Gargoyle
  2. Jokey Smurf, a level 172 Human
  3. Snake, a level 13714 Gargoyle
  4. Shadowrider, a level 5235 Dark Elf
  5. Sirbubu, a level 47948 Human
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