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Age of the Kingdom of Kobolds

Round XI of the Third Era of Neflaria

Neflaria is a free-to-play browser RPG. Work together in the name of Good or seek to destroy others in the name of Evil.

Latest News


09/21/15 10:52 PM - Sexy Lingerie

...are fixed! Enjoy =)

New features

09/20/15 8:41 AM - Sexy Lingerie

I've just deployed some code that fixes a few things! If you refresh, you don't lose chat anymore. Also, the game should run a bit smoother now.

Servers Fixed

09/18/15 5:32 AM - Sexy Lingerie

Hey All,

The lag should be gone! Enjoy =)

Recent Official Announcements

The Northern Workshop is now open! Come celebrate the holidays at 0,29 wilderness!

12/01/15 5:16 PM - Sexy Lingerie

Top 5 players by most pks:

  1. Epitome, a level 1154 Human
  2. Nikki, a level 300
  3. Random Name, a level 2001 Dark Elf
  4. Cable, a level 2147 Human
  5. Odin, a level 359 Dwarf
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