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Age of the Disturbed

Round VIII of the Third Era of Neflaria

Neflaria is a free-to-play browser RPG that's been around since 2008, based on a game called Shimlar from late 2001. Join the community and work together in the name of Good or seek to destroy others in the name of Evil. Play with a dynamic community of players for personal glory or to build an empire with your own clanmates.

Latest News

Reset: Round 8

03/07/14 6:12 PM - Silwar Naiilo

We will be resetting at midnight EST, March 8! (The night of March 7th. Tonight, that is.)

Password Security

12/09/13 7:29 AM - Lira Anon Myth

As it stands, there is no means of retrieving or changing your password. Keep this in mind when creating a password, or sharing one with other people. If you give your information out, you are responsible for what happens on that account and we can't change it for you if you change your mind. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for the understanding.

An Apology

11/09/13 9:43 PM - Sexy Lingerie

We are very sorry about the state of the game over the past few weeks. And now, an explanation.

I got married! The wedding and the honeymoon was 3 weeks, and we reset at the beginning of the first week. We had discussed Silwar and Kurulus maintaining the game while I was gone, but both Silwar and Kurulus were detained by powerful real life forces that prevented them from fixing bugs. I returned from beyond the reach of technology to find that nothing had been done in my absence, and went about fixing the most major bugs. Over the next few weeks I will continue to improve the game and fix bugs as they are reported.

Again, I apologize. Thank you for your patience.


Recent Official Announcements

Top 5 players by good alignment:

  1. Drake, a level 15 Human
  2. Zone, a level 114 Human
  3. Venus, a level 1501 Gargoyle
  4. Warduke, a level 15 Troll
  5. Bahamut, a level 1275 Human
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