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Age of the Kingdom of Kobolds

Round XI of the Third Era of Neflaria

Neflaria is a free-to-play browser RPG. Work together in the name of Good or seek to destroy others in the name of Evil.

Latest News

New Servers2!

08/24/15 6:18 AM - Sexy Lingerie

We are now on the new servers, enjoy!

New Servers!

08/18/15 12:58 AM - Sexy Lingerie

Hey all, I've been going through and rebuilding our server infrastructure from scratch... I haven't touched the current servers in 3 years and they need replacing. It's so broken right now we can't deploy new code.

Anyways, I'll see about getting us switched over within the next couple weeks. I'm dealing with some IRL stuff right now that needs my full attention so I haven't been able to polish up the last few rough edges on the new system just yet.

Just keeping you up to date! See you next time.

State Of Neflaria

08/08/15 7:17 PM - Sexy Lingerie

Hey all, SL here.

I am very sorry I haven't been around for a long time. That will change starting now! I also am sorry about the poor state of the website. Our deploy system broke after 3 years of not touching it. I have a new system built, we're just waiting on SSL certificates to be generated. I should migrate us to it this coming week.

As for things to look forward to, we are planning to demo an initial pass at a character creation overhaul at some point. It will include avatar generation by selecting from a set of facial features and accessories. We haven't thought about how to incorporate the avatars into the game yet, so at first they will probably only be visible when you /id someone.

I also want to take a look at rebalancing end game gold generation because it's kind of silly right now. Those changes won't come until next round though.

Anyways, it's really nice to have you all back and I look forward to seeing you all again!

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Top 5 players by gold:

  1. Flash, a level 1348 Human
  2. Pyro, a level 1403 Human
  3. Garm, a level 367 Human
  4. Blade, a level 985 Human
  5. Venom, a level 1238 Human
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